I understand that InfoMine is confidential to Cepheid Distributors.

Login and Password

I will not give my personal login and password to anyone as I understand that my login and password are strictly personal and confidential.
If one of my colleagues wants access to InfoMine, I will ask Cepheid to create this access for him or ask him to send a online request.
Cepheid may review login and access to this website for statistical or monitoring purposes.
I will inform Cepheid when I leave my current company so that my login and passwords are inactivated.

Confidentiality Rules

I will not show InfoMine to my customers or prospects or any person out of my current company.
No content in this website should be referred to or utilized as user instructions for the usage of a particular Cepheid product. One should exclusively refer to the user documentation accompanying Cepheid products.
I will not diffuse documents that are marked as "For Distributors" to my customers or prospect.
I will not diffuse at all documents that are marked as "Confidential". Documents that are marked "Confidential" are for my personal information and use.